Advent Day 15

Happy Caturday!

Sebastian giving the β€œIt’s time for supper.” stare.

Also, Happy Day 15! It’s been such a nice Caturday. We got to sleep in a bit and then enjoy bagels and coffee on the couch. It was lovely. I baked a ham this afternoon. I got it on a whim at the grocery store yesterday. I thought, if I bake it on Saturday it will give us a few meals and sandwiches to get through the next few days until we leave town to visit my family for Christmas. Can I just say yum?! After it came out of the oven and had rested an appropriate amount of time, I sliced a bit just for us to snack on, because it smelled so good and I just couldn’t resist. I carried a little plate into the living room followed by three of the cats. It was funny. They certainly thought they needed some of the ham as well.

Yummy Toffee! Recipe from Two Sisters Crafting

Also, also, I made toffee today. I found a recipe on Pinterest (yes, I know…) a couple of weeks ago and it seemed so easy. It is from Two Sisters Crafting. I made a practice batch that weekend. It turned out wonderful. So I made a second batch today.

Treats of the day.

Day 15 – Treats

Day 15 tea (Blue Moonstone Designs): Hyley’s Japanese Matcha Tea with Ginger. It is wonderful! It is so pleasant. The ginger present but not overwhelming. I think I may have to find more of this tea.

Day 15 yarn (Felicity yarn Studio): Joyful & Bright is a pale yellow/orange with speckles. Really quite lovely.

Today’s cup was given to me as a Secret Santa gift when I was in Grad School. (We do not need to say how many years ago that was.) It had a coffee scented candle in it. When the candle was used up, I cleaned it out and started using it for actual coffee. It is such a sweet winter scene on it that every year I think I should leave it out and use it throughout winter. But then I decide to just pack it up and save it for next year.

It’s definitely starting to feel more Christmasy. I will feel it more when I’ve posted final grades and can start focusing more on packing for traveling and Christmas.

Ever onward. Thank you for listening. We’ll speak more soon.

Advent Days 13 and 14

Day 13 and 14 (Note the Meteor Show on the 13th) – Missouri Conservationist Calendar

Happy Friday everyone! Days 13 and 14 here we come! Last day of finals. Grades are due on Monday. I need to grade the final I gave today and read final drafts of papers for Math History. Even so I do have crafty plans for Saturday. I’m as happy to be at the end of the term as my students. We were all exhausted this morning. To be fair, they were pretty exhausted at the review session last night. They were good sports, though. They came with questions and were good about working through the problems. Hopefully, that will translate to the final exam today. Ok,on to treats!

Tea for days 13 and 14 (courtesy of Blue Moonstone Designs) are Raspberry (day 13) and Strawberry Cheesecake (day 14). I’m currently drinking the Raspberry tea. It reminds me slightly of Black Currant tea, one of favorite teas. The Raspberry is more forward than Black Currant. I’m a little afraid of the the Strawberry Cheesecake tea. I had no idea there was such a thing as these dessert teas. And by dessert tea, I mean tea that is the flavor of a dessert. One of the earlier teas was Lemon Cake. It was very sweet. Too sweet really. But credit where credit is due, it truly smelled like pound cake. It was an unusual experience. But I do think it’s good to try new things once in a while. Right? Right.

I love how the polka dots are so matchy matchy!

Yarn is specklely wonderfulness (from Felicity Yarn Studio)! Day 13 yarn is Skating, a white with multi-colored speckles. Day 14, Sleigh Ride, is white with mostly blue speckles. Both are squishy and beautiful. And into the Tub O’ Yarn they go!

My tea cup is another in my collection from my sister. It is a city scape by Sue Scullard for Dunoon Fine China. I absolutely adore the little geese walking along at the bottom of the cup. This cup has survived at least 5 moves. I have lost the box it originally came in, so I just wrap it up really well at the end of the season.

Ever onward. Thank you for listening. We’ll speak again soon.

Advent Days 11 and 12

Day 11 and 12

Happy Day 11 and 12. It’s a double dose again. Yesterday was a long day. My husband and I both held review sessions for our respective classes that had final exams today. My session ran over and so we didn’t leave campus until after 8pm last night. We got home and I started supper and called my parents. But here we are. I’ve given my second final exam and I’m half way through grading the first one. Just one more review session and final exam to go. In the mean time, we have treats. Two teas! Two skeins of yarn!

Up first is the tea. Day 11 tea, coming to us from Blue Moonstone Designs, is Green Matcha tea. It was quite nice. Day 12 is Blood Orange and Mandarin Scent. (Side note here, I keep wanting to say Orange Blood rather than Blood Orange. There might be something wrong with me.) The package on the orange tea said it was great for iced tea, but I drank it warm. It was quite tasty.

The yarn (Felicity Yarn Studio) is starting to trend towards white with speckles. Day 11 and 12 are All is Calm and All is Bright respectively. Both are white with green speckles. Each is distinct from the other. Still loving the speckles. Day 12 means we’re half way there. Check out the Tub O’ Yarn! Just look at all those speckles! Yummy yummy yummy!

All is Calm and All is Bright – together in close up vision

Tub O’ Yarn

Both cups seen in the tea pictures are cups that have been around for awhile. The penguin cup used to have lid shaped like s stocking cap. It was just cute. But somewhere along the way it got broken. I have cats, things get broken, and sometimes you never quite know who was the culprit. And, of course they just look up at you with those adorable eyes and it’s all better. The red cup was a gift from my sister. So far, it has survived our household.

Ever onward everyone. Thank you for listening. We’ll speak again soon.

Advent Days 9 and 10

Calendar Entry from the Missouri Conservationist Calendar

Happy Monday everyone! And Happy Day 10. I had a review session for my Math History students last night. I was unable to get to the advent calendars yesterday. So here we are today. I’ve given one final exam. Two to go. One on Wednesday and one on Friday. But, let’s get straight to the treats.

Days 9 and 10:

Tea for Day 9 was Gogi Raspberry from Lipton’s. This is the first repeat. I added Splenda instead of honey this time. I wanted it to be a little sweeter. Day 10 tea is Lemon Cake from Red Rose Tea. I’m a little afraid to try this one. It sounds very sweet.

Day 9 yarn is green with blue speckles called Long December. My husband played the song of the same name by the Counting Crows while I opened the package. He’s a cutie. The yarn for Day 10 is a yellow green speckle called Last Christmas. Both are very pretty. Both have gone into the Tub O’ Yarn.

Days 9 and 10 Yarn:

The cup I chose for Day 9 is from a collection of cups from my grandma. In the seventies, she participated with a ladies group that learned china painting. For years, at Christmas, they would each paint a cup and then they were swapped. I don’t know if they drew names or what though. While we do have a lot of Grandma’s work in the from plates and cups and actual paintings, we do not have any of the Christmas cups she painted. Anyhow, this was one of my favorites for years. I think the gnome looking at the tree is just so cute. When Mom broke up the set among my sisters and myself, she made sure we each got at least one that had been our favorite.

Christmas Cup from Grandma

The cup I chose for today is a cup from Waechtersbach. In the early 90’s when I moved into my first apartment, my aunt gave a set of two of these with green Christmas trees on them along with some cocoa. I loved the red of the cups. Such a deep and warm red. My dad also always loved those cups. So a few years ago, I found a set for my parents on Etsy. In the process of searching for the Christmas tree mugs I found a variety of cups with the holly and wreaths and Christmas stockings. So I had to get a few more.

Waechtersbach Christmas Mug with Holly

Thank you for listening. We’ll speak again tomorrow.

Advent Day 8

Happy Day 8!

Happy Day 8 everyone! How’s your Caturday? I’ve had a lovely day crafting and relaxing. There has been knitting and embroidery and The Great British Bake Off: The Holiday Edition as well as today’s Vlogmas episodes from my favorite podcasters. I’d share pictures of the crafting, but as these are destined to become Christmas presents and I have been warned about spoilers, that will have to wait. In the meantime, we have today’s treats.

Day 8 Treats

Buddy the Elf. This is the name of today’s yarn. It is another bright green speckle. I’m impressed at the sheer variety of shades and speckles. Each skein has been as beautiful as the first day. Into the great Tub O’ Yarn it goes. My pile is growing.

Buddy the Elf.

Chamomile tea today. I’m saving it for later this evening.. It smells lovely though. My parents had Raspberry tea today, much to my Dad’s relief. They’ve had some, let’s say interesting flavors like Lemon Cake and Pumpkin Spice. Non-traditional flavors to say the least. But we have had fun this last week calling each other to discuss the day’s flavors. It is has helped that it seems we have different teas. Sometimes I get a tea they haven’t had yet and vice verse.

Chamomile Tea

Today’s cup is a Mikasa cup given to me by my sister nearly 20 years ago. It’s a lovely size. I can have a generous amount of coffee or tea and yet it is not so big that the beverage gets cold quickly. And it’s a cute image of Santa. There are a lot of happy Christmas memories attached to this cup. In fact, it remains one of my favorites to this day.

Mikasa Christmas Time cup.

I hope you have enjoyed your Caturday. Thank you for listening. We’ll speak again tomorrow.

And because it wouldn’t be Caturday without a cat, here he is:


Advent Day 7

Tea Advent Calendar From Blue Moonstone Designs (

Happy Day 7 everyone! It’s Friday! And what a Friday it’s been! I walked into my classroom for my 8:00 am class, where students were expecting to give presentations, to find that the computer was “no longer trusted by the network” and so could not connect. We were forced to relocate while IT sent someone to try to remedy the problem. Turns out he had to swap out the computer, but he had it fixed by 11:30. Sadly I was forced to find a third classroom for my 9:10 class. This new classroom did not have the necessary Smartboard or software. We were (I was) forced to make do with an old version of a power point presentation and the students got to enjoy my trying to make the unfamiliar projector work properly. It was certainly exciting. I was very happy to have my regular classroom back in the afternoon. Once you are spoiled by a Smartboard, there is no going back!

Today was the last day of classes before final exams begin next week. Students are tired and faculty are tired. It’s time. Good thing we have treats.

Day 7 Treats

On this lovely Friday, the tea is a delightful black tea with spearmint. Well, really just a hint of spearmint. But adding a little honey. Mmm mmm mmm. I’m really digging my honey straws right now.

Nana Tea – Black Tea with Spearmint

My parents got a tea with pumpkin spice flavor. My mom was dubious, but my dad just did not approve. That’s ok. I think they’re have fun sharing the experience and the variety of teas.

The yarn is Peace on Earth, a bright green speckle. Oooooh, I just love these speckles. Just look! Isn’t it pretty?! The last few days, I’ve just had the TV on in the backround of the pictures. Tonight it occurred to me that I could turn on the fireplace app I have on the AppleTV and have a lovely fire in the background. It’s not bad. At least it makes a change.

Day 7 Yarn – Felicity Yarn Studio –
Close up on Peace on Earth

I’ve been enjoying showing off my collection of Christmas mugs. So far I have been rotating through my favorites, but I may have to dip deeper into the box. The mug tonight is a mug my husband found for me on eBay a couple of years ago. When I was kid, x number of years ago, we had this in Christmas mug collection at my parents house. Sadly, at some point in the last decade it got broken. It had cartoon drawings of various animals under the music and words “Wee fish ewe a mare e-greats moose panda hippo gnu deer!” As a kid this just cracked me up. It made me happy. I was sad when I heard that the cup had gotten broken, so my wonderful husband searched on e-Bay and found a replacement! I think he might be a keeper. 😻

One of my favorites!

I hope you have a lovely weekend.

Thank you for listening. We’ll talk again tomorrow.

Advent Day 6

Happy Day 6!

Happy Day 6! Is everyone having a good day? It’s Thursday, which is lab day for me. My Pre-Calculus students were working on Final Exam review packets. They are tired. They are ready for the end of the term if not the final. I love lab days. I get to interact with the students in a more casual manner than the regular classroom. They get to work collaboratively and I love listening to their discussions. It makes for a nice day. Ok, enough about school, time for treats.

Day 6 Treats

Today’s tea (courtesy of Blue Moonstone Designs) is a new to me brand called Hyley’s. It was a lovely green tea with lemon. I enjoyed it quite a bit.

Day 6 Tea – Green Tea with Lemon

Yarn today (courtesy of Felicity Yarn Studio) is more speckles. (If you haven’t guessed, I chose this calendar because I love speckles.). It called O’ Christmas Tree. I even had a little helper to take some pictures. It has been labeled and tucked into the Tub O’ Yarn.

Day 6 Yarn
Close up on O’ Christmas Tree

Of course, the model was worn out after the photo shoot and was forced to take a nap on my knee.

My little helper Leonard.
All tuckered out.

Thank you for listening, we’ll speak again tomorrow.