Advent Day 5

Day 5 – Tea Advent Calendar from Blue Moonstone Designs

Happy Day 5 everyone! It’s Wednesday! Woohoo! We’re halfway through! I think we’re going to make it! It’s been a fun week for me in my Math History course. The students are doing presentations. So far we’ve had two looks at the history of Chinese Mathematics. We’ve looked at Euclid and Euler and the Greek Mathematician Thales of Miletus. We’ve seen a slick method for approximating a square root from the Chinese and the development of Euler’s formula and a method for finding the height of a pyramid. It’s been exciting. Yet to come we have on Thales and the Mathematics in Native American Beading. Interestingly, we will see symmetry and proportions from both. It’s going to be a great Friday!

Now on to today’s treats! Tea and yarn!

Day 5 Treats

Yarn today (brought to us by Felicity Yarn Studio) is Grandma got run over by a reindeer. A lovely light green speckle.

Grandma got run over by a reindeer

Tea today (brought to us by Blue Moonstone Designs) is Red Goji Raspberry by Lipton’s. It was a little tart. Adding my honey stick helped. Mom’s tea today was English Breakfast. I’m enjoying trying these different teas. And I think my parents are having fun too. And that makes me happy.

Red Gogi Raspberry

Yarn has gone into the Tub O’ yarn and I’ve finished my tea. Now, I need to work on some other Christmas crafting.

Tub O’ Yarn

Thank you for listening, we’ll talk again tomorrow.

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