Advent Day 5

Day 5 – Tea Advent Calendar from Blue Moonstone Designs

Happy Day 5 everyone! It’s Wednesday! Woohoo! We’re halfway through! I think we’re going to make it! It’s been a fun week for me in my Math History course. The students are doing presentations. So far we’ve had two looks at the history of Chinese Mathematics. We’ve looked at Euclid and Euler and the Greek Mathematician Thales of Miletus. We’ve seen a slick method for approximating a square root from the Chinese and the development of Euler’s formula and a method for finding the height of a pyramid. It’s been exciting. Yet to come we have on Thales and the Mathematics in Native American Beading. Interestingly, we will see symmetry and proportions from both. It’s going to be a great Friday!

Now on to today’s treats! Tea and yarn!

Day 5 Treats

Yarn today (brought to us by Felicity Yarn Studio) is Grandma got run over by a reindeer. A lovely light green speckle.

Grandma got run over by a reindeer

Tea today (brought to us by Blue Moonstone Designs) is Red Goji Raspberry by Lipton’s. It was a little tart. Adding my honey stick helped. Mom’s tea today was English Breakfast. I’m enjoying trying these different teas. And I think my parents are having fun too. And that makes me happy.

Red Gogi Raspberry

Yarn has gone into the Tub O’ yarn and I’ve finished my tea. Now, I need to work on some other Christmas crafting.

Tub O’ Yarn

Thank you for listening, we’ll talk again tomorrow.

Advent Day 4

Day 4 – Tea Advent Calendar from Blue Moonstone Designs

Happy Day 4. I hope you have had a lovely Tuesday. We started the day with a little snow. And then just a chilly day. It was quite the long day at work. My husband had a meeting that lasted until nearly 7pm. I informed him we were getting take out on our way home. So…Arby’s to the rescue. I had a lovely Brisket sandwich and he had a turkey BLT. Frankly, I’m already hungry again. But it was tasty and I didn’t have to cook after we got home. Although, I did have to put my sandwich down to go feed the cats. I didn’t pay attention to the time and we were hungry so we pretty much sat down and started eating. I was immediately surrounded by two cats. Each very determined to get at my sandwich. And yes, my cats like people food. But they are not usually so aggressive. That’s when I looked at my watch and realized it was past their supper time. So I got up and fed them supper and then resumed my own supper. Now I get to open my treats for today.

Tea for today, is from Red Rose. It is Blueberry Muffin. When pouring in the hot water, you could totally smell the muffin. I added a little honey. Totally blueberry muffin.

Blueberry Muffin Tea – Red Rose Tea

Yarn for today was a lovely light green speckle called Mistletoe.

Yarn from Felicity Yarn Studio

I’ve also cleaned out a plastic tub and I’m using it to keep my mini-skeins. I think it’ll work. I like being able to see the skeins. They’re pretty and I just want to stare at them. I love having color around me.

Tub O’ Yarn

Thank you for listening. We’ll talk again soon.

Advent Day 3

December 3 – Missouri Conservationist Calendar

Happy Monday …I mean Day 3! Well, happy Monday too. I hope everyone successfully navigated their Monday.

I am happy to be home. It was a Monday. Which means I had issues writing the words I was actually saying correctly on the board. At least I got a chuckle from my students. By my 2:25 class, my brain was tired and kept telling me it was already Wednesday. I would then correct myself and then repeat that it was Wednesday. Another chuckle. I’m glad I can be there to lighten up a Monday for my students.

Alright, now, to the important stuff. Today’s tea was Green – Spearmint from Wissotzky Tea. It was quite delightful. It was just a hint of spearmint. It was a lovely post-supper beverage. My sister had Lemon Cake tea and my mom had a Twinings Lapsang Souchong tea. My dad was somewhat dubious of the Lemon Cake tea.

Day 3 – Mrs. Claus

The yarn for today is multi-speckle called Mrs. Claus. It is just scrumptious. I love mini-skeins.

Close up on Mrs. Claus

One last item for today. I’m including a picture of Leonard laying on the Granny Square blanket he had pulled out of the basket on the floor on the side of the bed. He’s looking up at me as if he has done nothing wrong whatsoever. How can you be unhappy with that little face?

Leonard and Blanket – quite the pair!

Advent Day 2

Advent Day 2

Today’s tea was Mango & Passion Fruit. It was a lovely herbal tea. I enjoyed it this afternoon as part of an afternoon break.

Day 2 Tead

Today”s yarn is a gorgeous blue called Blue Christmas. I know it’s only day 2, but I am really loving the speckled yarn. I’m starting to want to use this for something other than the granny square afghan. May be a light weight scarf? A shawl? Something that really lets the speckles come out.

Day 2 Yarn (Tea and yarn is a lovely combination!)

Also, there was a charming (no pun intended) stitch marker attached to today’s yarn. It is a Christmas tree light bulb charm on a lobster claw clasp. It will make a fun progress marker. In fact I am currently working on a pair of socks in the Holly King color way from Llady Llama Fiber Co. I think I will put it on these. I’m past the placement of the waste yarn for the heel on the second sock on this pair of socks. Love this yarn and I love this color way. I will write more about this WIP in a later post.

Holly King Socks from Llady Llama Fiber Co.

Today has been a wonderful Sunday. I’ve gotten to experiment with some ideas for family presents for Christmas. I was inspired by Pinterest. Ahhhhh…. How dangerous is that? But so far it’s going well. I’ve gotten to enjoy crafting today and spending some time feeling more relaxed than I have in a while. Tomorrow of course, is Monday, and the start of the last week of classes for this term. It’s going to be busy. So I do want to get as much done today as possible. But maybe I can use crafting as motivation for getting school work done. I will have pictures after Christmas of today’s crafting.

Happy Day 2. We’ll talk again tomorrow.

Advent Day 1

Happy December 1st! Welcome to Advent season!

Recently completed Kiwi Christmas Socks from Stray Cat Yarns

A couple of years ago, Laura from the Knit Girllls was showing her Opal Advent Calendar. What?!! A mini-skein of yarn everyday of Advent?!!! That sounded so cool! So last year I made a point of getting my hands on an Opal Advent Calendar.

Opal Advent Calendar 2017

I had a terrific time opening the little doors and sharing pictures with my family and on Instagram. I even brought the box all the way to St. Louis when visiting my family. My mom and my niece both participated in the opening of the the little doors while we were there.

Everyone seemed to be working on a granny stripe afghan at the time and I considered starting one myself. But, I couldn’t get excited about the cast on chain. To be wide enough to make me happy, the chain would have been ridiculously long. So instead, I created a rectangle using double crochet and once I was happy with the dimensions of that, I started the granny square stitch going round and round. Then I just kept attaching the new skeins as they came up. I’m still working on the second to last skein from last year.

Progress on 2017 Advent Blanket – Mostly Opal Yarns but using other scraps too.

The blanket is about big enough to cover my lap and go down over my knees. I love the different color combinations and flecks of colors that go through. It reminds me very much of my mom’s and my grandma’s afghans of many colors (scrap yarn)). My cat Leonard seems to like it very much. He pulls it out of the basket to lay on it…and to chew on it. He seems to have some fascination with the texture of the wool. He likes to suck on the blanket. It’s little weird. But he can be a weird little cat sometimes.

I enjoyed last year’s advent calendar so much I wanted to do another one this year. I started early looking for an advent calendar for this year from Opal yarns. I had no success. I don’t know, maybe there was one, but I never located it. September rolled around and I still couldn’t find one. So I began looking at the offerings on Etsy. I finally picked one from Felicity Yarn Studio. It came with 24 wrapped mini skeins and one special full size skein.

Advent Calendar 2018 – Felicity Yarn Studio

The yarn is a 3-ply 80/20 merino/nylon sock yarn. I am planning to continue adding to last year’s afghan. Eventually, I’ll get it to a proper size. Today’s yarn is a beautiful blue speckle called Icicles. It is really lovely and deliciously squishy.

Felicity Yarn Studio Advent Calendar Day 1: Icicles

I had such fun sharing pictures with my family last year that I thought it would be fun if we all had the same calendar to open. We all like tea so I decided to find a tea advent calendar to share. I chose one from Blue Moonstone Designs on Etsy.

Advent Calendar 2018 – Blue Moonstone Designs

I got calendars for my sisters, my mom and myself. My parents seemed really pleased when they received their calendar. I even got a phone call this afternoon when they opened their first tea package.

I hope everyone has as much fun with their advent calendars as I do.

Happy Advent season! We’ll talk again soon.

WIP #2 – Favorite Scarf Ever

No, seriously, that’s the name of the pattern by a Lisa Bruce (sunshinewalks). And, it is a very nice pattern. It is available for free and can be found on Ravelry. Just put “Favorite Scarf Ever” in the pattern search and it will pop right up.

Close up on WIP. Not yet blocked.

I saw this pattern referenced by Knit Circus Yarns on Instagram over the summer and I thought it was such a lovely pattern and it would make a nice light weight scarf. I started practicing on yarn that I had in my stash, while I waited for the yarn I wanted to use to make gifts for my sister and her wife.

It is a simple pattern to memorize. Well, seemingly simple. There are some decreases and yarn overs and a double center decrease. But it does require more concentration than my vanilla socks. I’m glad I decided to practice this before casting on for real. First, I had issues counting cast on stitches. Yes, I have a PhD in Mathematics and simple counting can be a problem. Then I kept losing track of counting going across the knit row and suddenly my beautiful stitch from the double center decrease would start to wander and then I would have stray yarn overs. Again with the counting! At one pointI had to frog back about an inch of work just to get to the wavering decrease and correct it. This is probably one of those patterns where I should use a life line.

Having said that, since I’ve cast on the Koigu Yarn, I seem to have the hang of it. And, I do try to work on it when I have enough brain cells to devote to the project. We have passed midterm and are heading towards Thanksgiving break at school. My students are exhausted and I am exhausted. So…this project is languishing a bit. Also, I am still trying to finish the Kiwi Christmas socks discussed in my last post: WIP #1 – Kiwi Christmas Socks.

I have finished one half. I’ve started working on the second half. I don’t seem to be getting exactly the same gauge on the second half, but I’m going to keep going for now. I’m just not ready to frog back yet. My gauge isn’t too far off. Keep your fingers crossed.

Side by side comparison. First and second pieces.

Thank you for listening. We’ll talk some more soon.

WIP #1 – Kiwi Christmas Socks

So I’m calling this “WIP #1.” It’s just a starting point for talking about my WIPs.  The numbering is absolutely not related to the age of the project.

WIP #1 is a pair of Christmas socks. Two years ago I ordered some self-striping from Stray Cat Socks on Etsy in the Kiwi Christmas color way.  If you haven’t looked at her self-striping yarn, you really should.  The yarn is lovely to work with and the stripes are gorgeous and so much fun. She winds the yarn into a gobstobber ball which is completely awesome! Also, she offers matching mini-skeins at a reasonable price for contrasting cuffs/heels/toes. Of course, as soon as I say this, I note that her Etsy shop is currently on vacation.

Contrasting heel and toe in the dark green shade

I started these socks last April. As is typical with me and socks, the first sock was like whoosh and off the needles. Then, as is also typical with me, I started working on a different pair of socks and the second sock was put on hold a bit.

Of course, once a project gets buried, there can be many projects that begin to take precedence. This summer was no exception. I had a bit of startitis. I went to the CNY Fiber Festival in June and came home with gorgeous yarn from a number of vendors. It was all crying to get on the needles. Then of course there was the #titsoutcollective going on in July. (Those are the feature socks in the last post, I have too many WIPS!) I started working on a practice scarf to learn a pattern so that I could make scarves for my sister and her wife. More on that later. I made a new bag for my iPhone and an even smaller bag for id/credit cards that I tend to carry with me more than my purse when I am at work.

Ok. So other projects got in the way. But I’m working on these again. I’m even past the waste yarn for the heel and am working on the foot. I’m sooooo close. I really want to finish this soon, so that I can work on other projects to be discussed in future WIP postings.

I should make note of a few things here. First, this pair of socks is my 2 x 2 ribbed vanilla sock pattern. That means, it’s a recipe for a 2 x 2 ribbed sock that works for me. I have found that I really like an afterthought heel. Although, I do place waste yarn where I want my heel. So it’s not a true afterthought. Also, I almost always use a ruffle at the top of the sock as this gives me a stretchy top that is more comfortable on my calves. The ruffle I use is a recipe given in Knit Circus years ago when they were still publishing a digital magazine. I love me a ruffle and use ruffles on a lot of items. But, I have found that on my 2 x 2 ribbed socks, it gives me a cute cuff when I fold it over, which is how I tend to wear my socks.

Also, I usually knit socks on double points. I have used two circulars and I have tried magic loop. Neither really worked for me. I found them fiddly. And, I know what you’re thinking. That’s what many people say about double points. But for me, it’s the other way around. Now having said that, I am happy that I have these skills, as some patterns just work better on two circs. But when it comes down to it, I love my dpns. They just make me happy. And I love that I can get 8 inch dpns in the Addi Flip Stix (which you can see above) and in the Knitter’s Pride Zing. The Flip Stix make me super happy because they are color coded with one accent (red) needle. So I have a good idea how many rows have gone by just by noting where the red needle has landed. This totally satisfies the Mathematician in me.

Finally, I love project bags. Well, I just love bags. But since I became a knitter I have become obsessed with project bags. There are so many styles and so many fabrics. I think there will have be a future post about project bags. However, as can be seen in the top picture I love for my project bag to match my project. In this case, I’m using a Christmas themed bag from Knit Spin Farm as well as a Grinch needle cozy from Slipped Stitch Studios.

Ok, I think that’s all for this project.

Thank you for visiting. We’ll talk some more.

Update: I finally finished these last weekend! Now, I’m waiting for Thanksgiving so I can wear them!