Advent Day 7

Tea Advent Calendar From Blue Moonstone Designs (

Happy Day 7 everyone! It’s Friday! And what a Friday it’s been! I walked into my classroom for my 8:00 am class, where students were expecting to give presentations, to find that the computer was “no longer trusted by the network” and so could not connect. We were forced to relocate while IT sent someone to try to remedy the problem. Turns out he had to swap out the computer, but he had it fixed by 11:30. Sadly I was forced to find a third classroom for my 9:10 class. This new classroom did not have the necessary Smartboard or software. We were (I was) forced to make do with an old version of a power point presentation and the students got to enjoy my trying to make the unfamiliar projector work properly. It was certainly exciting. I was very happy to have my regular classroom back in the afternoon. Once you are spoiled by a Smartboard, there is no going back!

Today was the last day of classes before final exams begin next week. Students are tired and faculty are tired. It’s time. Good thing we have treats.

Day 7 Treats

On this lovely Friday, the tea is a delightful black tea with spearmint. Well, really just a hint of spearmint. But adding a little honey. Mmm mmm mmm. I’m really digging my honey straws right now.

Nana Tea – Black Tea with Spearmint

My parents got a tea with pumpkin spice flavor. My mom was dubious, but my dad just did not approve. That’s ok. I think they’re have fun sharing the experience and the variety of teas.

The yarn is Peace on Earth, a bright green speckle. Oooooh, I just love these speckles. Just look! Isn’t it pretty?! The last few days, I’ve just had the TV on in the backround of the pictures. Tonight it occurred to me that I could turn on the fireplace app I have on the AppleTV and have a lovely fire in the background. It’s not bad. At least it makes a change.

Day 7 Yarn – Felicity Yarn Studio –
Close up on Peace on Earth

I’ve been enjoying showing off my collection of Christmas mugs. So far I have been rotating through my favorites, but I may have to dip deeper into the box. The mug tonight is a mug my husband found for me on eBay a couple of years ago. When I was kid, x number of years ago, we had this in Christmas mug collection at my parents house. Sadly, at some point in the last decade it got broken. It had cartoon drawings of various animals under the music and words “Wee fish ewe a mare e-greats moose panda hippo gnu deer!” As a kid this just cracked me up. It made me happy. I was sad when I heard that the cup had gotten broken, so my wonderful husband searched on e-Bay and found a replacement! I think he might be a keeper. ūüėĽ

One of my favorites!

I hope you have a lovely weekend.

Thank you for listening. We’ll talk again tomorrow.

I have too many WIPS!

I am a mathematician. ¬†I am a knitter. ¬†I have been a crocheter. ¬†I have done embroidery as well as counted cross-stitch. ¬†I love yarn. ¬†I love fiber. ¬†Also, I love cats. ¬†I have 4 cats, a calico/tortoise shell, a tabby and two black cats. ¬†Alls of them have strong personalities. ¬†This can be a problem as sometimes yarn and cats don’t mix well. ¬†From my point of view at least. Also, ¬†I have too many WIPS, works in progress that is.

IMG_4764¬†Ok, not these. ¬†These are done. ¬†I’m rather pleased with these. ¬†They are in the¬†If I want exposure I’ll get my tits out color way as envisioned by Llady Llama Fiber Arts. ¬†This was part of the #titsoutcollective this past summer. ¬†This collective was an interesting story. ¬†When I learn how to add links, I will add links to share information about this charity drive. ¬†It was amazing.

Back to my many WIPS. ¬†This summer, when I started these socks, I also started a spreadsheet to keep track of all the many things I’m working on. ¬†At that time I had 10 projects on the list. ¬†These socks are off the list, but I’ve already added a new pair of socks in a holiday color way. ¬†IMG_8909¬† I have at least 2 scarves on the needles, not to mention a bag that is in pieces and a Pi shawl started over a year ago! ¬†Also, there are washcloths. ¬†Because, these are handy to have when I’m in meetings or just in the car and I want something I don’t have to think much about.

Welcome to my personal brand of crazy. I’m just learning how to handle this blog. I’m not sure where I’m going yet. ¬† But I’m excited to see what happens.