Advent Day 6

Happy Day 6!

Happy Day 6! Is everyone having a good day? It’s Thursday, which is lab day for me. My Pre-Calculus students were working on Final Exam review packets. They are tired. They are ready for the end of the term if not the final. I love lab days. I get to interact with the students in a more casual manner than the regular classroom. They get to work collaboratively and I love listening to their discussions. It makes for a nice day. Ok, enough about school, time for treats.

Day 6 Treats

Today’s tea (courtesy of Blue Moonstone Designs) is a new to me brand called Hyley’s. It was a lovely green tea with lemon. I enjoyed it quite a bit.

Day 6 Tea – Green Tea with Lemon

Yarn today (courtesy of Felicity Yarn Studio) is more speckles. (If you haven’t guessed, I chose this calendar because I love speckles.). It called O’ Christmas Tree. I even had a little helper to take some pictures. It has been labeled and tucked into the Tub O’ Yarn.

Day 6 Yarn
Close up on O’ Christmas Tree

Of course, the model was worn out after the photo shoot and was forced to take a nap on my knee.

My little helper Leonard.
All tuckered out.

Thank you for listening, we’ll speak again tomorrow.

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