Advent Days 11 and 12

Day 11 and 12

Happy Day 11 and 12. It’s a double dose again. Yesterday was a long day. My husband and I both held review sessions for our respective classes that had final exams today. My session ran over and so we didn’t leave campus until after 8pm last night. We got home and I started supper and called my parents. But here we are. I’ve given my second final exam and I’m half way through grading the first one. Just one more review session and final exam to go. In the mean time, we have treats. Two teas! Two skeins of yarn!

Up first is the tea. Day 11 tea, coming to us from Blue Moonstone Designs, is Green Matcha tea. It was quite nice. Day 12 is Blood Orange and Mandarin Scent. (Side note here, I keep wanting to say Orange Blood rather than Blood Orange. There might be something wrong with me.) The package on the orange tea said it was great for iced tea, but I drank it warm. It was quite tasty.

The yarn (Felicity Yarn Studio) is starting to trend towards white with speckles. Day 11 and 12 are All is Calm and All is Bright respectively. Both are white with green speckles. Each is distinct from the other. Still loving the speckles. Day 12 means we’re half way there. Check out the Tub O’ Yarn! Just look at all those speckles! Yummy yummy yummy!

All is Calm and All is Bright – together in close up vision

Tub O’ Yarn

Both cups seen in the tea pictures are cups that have been around for awhile. The penguin cup used to have lid shaped like s stocking cap. It was just cute. But somewhere along the way it got broken. I have cats, things get broken, and sometimes you never quite know who was the culprit. And, of course they just look up at you with those adorable eyes and it’s all better. The red cup was a gift from my sister. So far, it has survived our household.

Ever onward everyone. Thank you for listening. We’ll speak again soon.

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