Advent Days 9 and 10

Calendar Entry from the Missouri Conservationist Calendar

Happy Monday everyone! And Happy Day 10. I had a review session for my Math History students last night. I was unable to get to the advent calendars yesterday. So here we are today. I’ve given one final exam. Two to go. One on Wednesday and one on Friday. But, let’s get straight to the treats.

Days 9 and 10:

Tea for Day 9 was Gogi Raspberry from Lipton’s. This is the first repeat. I added Splenda instead of honey this time. I wanted it to be a little sweeter. Day 10 tea is Lemon Cake from Red Rose Tea. I’m a little afraid to try this one. It sounds very sweet.

Day 9 yarn is green with blue speckles called Long December. My husband played the song of the same name by the Counting Crows while I opened the package. He’s a cutie. The yarn for Day 10 is a yellow green speckle called Last Christmas. Both are very pretty. Both have gone into the Tub O’ Yarn.

Days 9 and 10 Yarn:

The cup I chose for Day 9 is from a collection of cups from my grandma. In the seventies, she participated with a ladies group that learned china painting. For years, at Christmas, they would each paint a cup and then they were swapped. I don’t know if they drew names or what though. While we do have a lot of Grandma’s work in the from plates and cups and actual paintings, we do not have any of the Christmas cups she painted. Anyhow, this was one of my favorites for years. I think the gnome looking at the tree is just so cute. When Mom broke up the set among my sisters and myself, she made sure we each got at least one that had been our favorite.

Christmas Cup from Grandma

The cup I chose for today is a cup from Waechtersbach. In the early 90’s when I moved into my first apartment, my aunt gave a set of two of these with green Christmas trees on them along with some cocoa. I loved the red of the cups. Such a deep and warm red. My dad also always loved those cups. So a few years ago, I found a set for my parents on Etsy. In the process of searching for the Christmas tree mugs I found a variety of cups with the holly and wreaths and Christmas stockings. So I had to get a few more.

Waechtersbach Christmas Mug with Holly

Thank you for listening. We’ll speak again tomorrow.

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