Advent Day 8

Happy Day 8!

Happy Day 8 everyone! How’s your Caturday? I’ve had a lovely day crafting and relaxing. There has been knitting and embroidery and The Great British Bake Off: The Holiday Edition as well as today’s Vlogmas episodes from my favorite podcasters. I’d share pictures of the crafting, but as these are destined to become Christmas presents and I have been warned about spoilers, that will have to wait. In the meantime, we have today’s treats.

Day 8 Treats

Buddy the Elf. This is the name of today’s yarn. It is another bright green speckle. I’m impressed at the sheer variety of shades and speckles. Each skein has been as beautiful as the first day. Into the great Tub O’ Yarn it goes. My pile is growing.

Buddy the Elf.

Chamomile tea today. I’m saving it for later this evening.. It smells lovely though. My parents had Raspberry tea today, much to my Dad’s relief. They’ve had some, let’s say interesting flavors like Lemon Cake and Pumpkin Spice. Non-traditional flavors to say the least. But we have had fun this last week calling each other to discuss the day’s flavors. It is has helped that it seems we have different teas. Sometimes I get a tea they haven’t had yet and vice verse.

Chamomile Tea

Today’s cup is a Mikasa cup given to me by my sister nearly 20 years ago. It’s a lovely size. I can have a generous amount of coffee or tea and yet it is not so big that the beverage gets cold quickly. And it’s a cute image of Santa. There are a lot of happy Christmas memories attached to this cup. In fact, it remains one of my favorites to this day.

Mikasa Christmas Time cup.

I hope you have enjoyed your Caturday. Thank you for listening. We’ll speak again tomorrow.

And because it wouldn’t be Caturday without a cat, here he is:


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