Advent Day 4

Day 4 – Tea Advent Calendar from Blue Moonstone Designs

Happy Day 4. I hope you have had a lovely Tuesday. We started the day with a little snow. And then just a chilly day. It was quite the long day at work. My husband had a meeting that lasted until nearly 7pm. I informed him we were getting take out on our way home. So…Arby’s to the rescue. I had a lovely Brisket sandwich and he had a turkey BLT. Frankly, I’m already hungry again. But it was tasty and I didn’t have to cook after we got home. Although, I did have to put my sandwich down to go feed the cats. I didn’t pay attention to the time and we were hungry so we pretty much sat down and started eating. I was immediately surrounded by two cats. Each very determined to get at my sandwich. And yes, my cats like people food. But they are not usually so aggressive. That’s when I looked at my watch and realized it was past their supper time. So I got up and fed them supper and then resumed my own supper. Now I get to open my treats for today.

Tea for today, is from Red Rose. It is Blueberry Muffin. When pouring in the hot water, you could totally smell the muffin. I added a little honey. Totally blueberry muffin.

Blueberry Muffin Tea – Red Rose Tea

Yarn for today was a lovely light green speckle called Mistletoe.

Yarn from Felicity Yarn Studio

I’ve also cleaned out a plastic tub and I’m using it to keep my mini-skeins. I think it’ll work. I like being able to see the skeins. They’re pretty and I just want to stare at them. I love having color around me.

Tub O’ Yarn

Thank you for listening. We’ll talk again soon.

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