Advent Day 15

Happy Caturday!

Sebastian giving the “It’s time for supper.” stare.

Also, Happy Day 15! It’s been such a nice Caturday. We got to sleep in a bit and then enjoy bagels and coffee on the couch. It was lovely. I baked a ham this afternoon. I got it on a whim at the grocery store yesterday. I thought, if I bake it on Saturday it will give us a few meals and sandwiches to get through the next few days until we leave town to visit my family for Christmas. Can I just say yum?! After it came out of the oven and had rested an appropriate amount of time, I sliced a bit just for us to snack on, because it smelled so good and I just couldn’t resist. I carried a little plate into the living room followed by three of the cats. It was funny. They certainly thought they needed some of the ham as well.

Yummy Toffee! Recipe from Two Sisters Crafting

Also, also, I made toffee today. I found a recipe on Pinterest (yes, I know…) a couple of weeks ago and it seemed so easy. It is from Two Sisters Crafting. I made a practice batch that weekend. It turned out wonderful. So I made a second batch today.

Treats of the day.

Day 15 – Treats

Day 15 tea (Blue Moonstone Designs): Hyley’s Japanese Matcha Tea with Ginger. It is wonderful! It is so pleasant. The ginger present but not overwhelming. I think I may have to find more of this tea.

Day 15 yarn (Felicity yarn Studio): Joyful & Bright is a pale yellow/orange with speckles. Really quite lovely.

Today’s cup was given to me as a Secret Santa gift when I was in Grad School. (We do not need to say how many years ago that was.) It had a coffee scented candle in it. When the candle was used up, I cleaned it out and started using it for actual coffee. It is such a sweet winter scene on it that every year I think I should leave it out and use it throughout winter. But then I decide to just pack it up and save it for next year.

It’s definitely starting to feel more Christmasy. I will feel it more when I’ve posted final grades and can start focusing more on packing for traveling and Christmas.

Ever onward. Thank you for listening. We’ll speak more soon.

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