Advent Days 13 and 14

Day 13 and 14 (Note the Meteor Show on the 13th) – Missouri Conservationist Calendar

Happy Friday everyone! Days 13 and 14 here we come! Last day of finals. Grades are due on Monday. I need to grade the final I gave today and read final drafts of papers for Math History. Even so I do have crafty plans for Saturday. I’m as happy to be at the end of the term as my students. We were all exhausted this morning. To be fair, they were pretty exhausted at the review session last night. They were good sports, though. They came with questions and were good about working through the problems. Hopefully, that will translate to the final exam today. Ok,on to treats!

Tea for days 13 and 14 (courtesy of Blue Moonstone Designs) are Raspberry (day 13) and Strawberry Cheesecake (day 14). I’m currently drinking the Raspberry tea. It reminds me slightly of Black Currant tea, one of favorite teas. The Raspberry is more forward than Black Currant. I’m a little afraid of the the Strawberry Cheesecake tea. I had no idea there was such a thing as these dessert teas. And by dessert tea, I mean tea that is the flavor of a dessert. One of the earlier teas was Lemon Cake. It was very sweet. Too sweet really. But credit where credit is due, it truly smelled like pound cake. It was an unusual experience. But I do think it’s good to try new things once in a while. Right? Right.

I love how the polka dots are so matchy matchy!

Yarn is specklely wonderfulness (from Felicity Yarn Studio)! Day 13 yarn is Skating, a white with multi-colored speckles. Day 14, Sleigh Ride, is white with mostly blue speckles. Both are squishy and beautiful. And into the Tub O’ Yarn they go!

My tea cup is another in my collection from my sister. It is a city scape by Sue Scullard for Dunoon Fine China. I absolutely adore the little geese walking along at the bottom of the cup. This cup has survived at least 5 moves. I have lost the box it originally came in, so I just wrap it up really well at the end of the season.

Ever onward. Thank you for listening. We’ll speak again soon.

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