Advent Day 3

December 3 – Missouri Conservationist Calendar

Happy Monday …I mean Day 3! Well, happy Monday too. I hope everyone successfully navigated their Monday.

I am happy to be home. It was a Monday. Which means I had issues writing the words I was actually saying correctly on the board. At least I got a chuckle from my students. By my 2:25 class, my brain was tired and kept telling me it was already Wednesday. I would then correct myself and then repeat that it was Wednesday. Another chuckle. I’m glad I can be there to lighten up a Monday for my students.

Alright, now, to the important stuff. Today’s tea was Green – Spearmint from Wissotzky Tea. It was quite delightful. It was just a hint of spearmint. It was a lovely post-supper beverage. My sister had Lemon Cake tea and my mom had a Twinings Lapsang Souchong tea. My dad was somewhat dubious of the Lemon Cake tea.

Day 3 – Mrs. Claus

The yarn for today is multi-speckle called Mrs. Claus. It is just scrumptious. I love mini-skeins.

Close up on Mrs. Claus

One last item for today. I’m including a picture of Leonard laying on the Granny Square blanket he had pulled out of the basket on the floor on the side of the bed. He’s looking up at me as if he has done nothing wrong whatsoever. How can you be unhappy with that little face?

Leonard and Blanket – quite the pair!

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