WIP #2 – Favorite Scarf Ever

No, seriously, that’s the name of the pattern by a Lisa Bruce (sunshinewalks). And, it is a very nice pattern. It is available for free and can be found on Ravelry. Just put “Favorite Scarf Ever” in the pattern search and it will pop right up.

Close up on WIP. Not yet blocked.

I saw this pattern referenced by Knit Circus Yarns on Instagram over the summer and I thought it was such a lovely pattern and it would make a nice light weight scarf. I started practicing on yarn that I had in my stash, while I waited for the yarn I wanted to use to make gifts for my sister and her wife.

It is a simple pattern to memorize. Well, seemingly simple. There are some decreases and yarn overs and a double center decrease. But it does require more concentration than my vanilla socks. I’m glad I decided to practice this before casting on for real. First, I had issues counting cast on stitches. Yes, I have a PhD in Mathematics and simple counting can be a problem. Then I kept losing track of counting going across the knit row and suddenly my beautiful stitch from the double center decrease would start to wander and then I would have stray yarn overs. Again with the counting! At one pointI had to frog back about an inch of work just to get to the wavering decrease and correct it. This is probably one of those patterns where I should use a life line.

Having said that, since I’ve cast on the Koigu Yarn, I seem to have the hang of it. And, I do try to work on it when I have enough brain cells to devote to the project. We have passed midterm and are heading towards Thanksgiving break at school. My students are exhausted and I am exhausted. So…this project is languishing a bit. Also, I am still trying to finish the Kiwi Christmas socks discussed in my last post: WIP #1 – Kiwi Christmas Socks.

I have finished one half. I’ve started working on the second half. I don’t seem to be getting exactly the same gauge on the second half, but I’m going to keep going for now. I’m just not ready to frog back yet. My gauge isn’t too far off. Keep your fingers crossed.

Side by side comparison. First and second pieces.

Thank you for listening. We’ll talk some more soon.

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