I have too many WIPS!

I am a mathematician.  I am a knitter.  I have been a crocheter.  I have done embroidery as well as counted cross-stitch.  I love yarn.  I love fiber.  Also, I love cats.  I have 4 cats, a calico/tortoise shell, a tabby and two black cats.  Alls of them have strong personalities.  This can be a problem as sometimes yarn and cats don’t mix well.  From my point of view at least. Also,  I have too many WIPS, works in progress that is.

IMG_4764 Ok, not these.  These are done.  I’m rather pleased with these.  They are in the If I want exposure I’ll get my tits out color way as envisioned by Llady Llama Fiber Arts.  This was part of the #titsoutcollective this past summer.  This collective was an interesting story.  When I learn how to add links, I will add links to share information about this charity drive.  It was amazing.

Back to my many WIPS.  This summer, when I started these socks, I also started a spreadsheet to keep track of all the many things I’m working on.  At that time I had 10 projects on the list.  These socks are off the list, but I’ve already added a new pair of socks in a holiday color way.  IMG_8909  I have at least 2 scarves on the needles, not to mention a bag that is in pieces and a Pi shawl started over a year ago!  Also, there are washcloths.  Because, these are handy to have when I’m in meetings or just in the car and I want something I don’t have to think much about.

Welcome to my personal brand of crazy. I’m just learning how to handle this blog. I’m not sure where I’m going yet.   But I’m excited to see what happens.


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